A Companion to the Anthropology of the Body and Embodiment by Frances E. Mascia-Lees

By Frances E. Mascia-Lees

A significant other to the Anthropology of the physique and Embodiment deals unique essays that research historic and modern ways to conceptualizations of the body.

  • In this ground-breaking paintings at the physique and embodiment, the newest scholarship from anthropology and comparable social technology fields is gifted, delivering new insights on physique politics and the adventure of the body
  • Original chapters conceal historic and modern techniques and spotlight new study frameworks
  • Reflects the expanding significance of embodiment and its ethnographic contexts inside of anthropology
  • Highlights the expanding emphasis on analyzing the creation of medical, technological, and scientific services in learning our bodies and embodiment

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As with most craft consumers in the United States, the majority of attendees are middle class, and more specifically, middle-middle class. Over 1,300 people registered for the 2010 conference while another 3,000 came as walk-ins, mostly individuals living within three to four hours driving distance from Ashville. However, registered attendees came from all over, including outside of the United States, but tended to be from the mid-West, upstate New York, and, to a lesser extent, the West. Established in the 1980s, the GPI Arts and Crafts Conference is the most important event of the year for Arts and Crafts enthusiasts.

In his “material history of the senses” under capitalism, Howes argues that everyday life today has become “hyperaestheticized” through commodity aesthetics, the inclusion of an aesthetic dimension into products through the enhancement of surface appearance (Howes 2005, see Haug 1986). Contemporary consumers are no longer “confined to the projection of dream worlds of consumer gratification,” Howes suggests; now all the senses are “massaged” as manufacturers, designers, and advertisers differentiate their products in vying to pique consumer desire and increase market share (2005: 248 and 281–303).

But are there other sites to which we might turn to uncover how members of consumer society today, “value, relate and combine the senses in everyday life” (Howes, this volume, chapter 15)? S. ” My ethnographic investigation shows that outside the realm of commodity aesthetics, mass-mediated entertainment, and the rapid flow of signs and images that permeate consumer culture, there are realms of contemporary life in which the human sensorium is enlivened, rather than deadened. In order to find them, however, we need not only shift location but also our standard conceptualizations about the relationship of the aesthetic to the senses under commodity capitalism.

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