A Dark Sacrifice by Madeline Howard

By Madeline Howard

Greater than a century has handed because the robust fight among the wizards and the mages resulted in their mutual destruction, and greater than 40 years because the Empress Ouriána grew to become the Divine Incarnation of the Devouring Moon. Appointing twelve lethal sorcerers as her monks, she principles the land in darkness endless. but there's a small probability for desire, if one foreordained princess can live to tell the tale. yet she has vanished at the back of enemy traces, or even a courageous band of heroes is probably not in a position to succeed in her in time. For Ouriána's darkish reign has woken the traditional terrors of legend, and their vengeance should be speedy and all-consuming. . . .

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The air still crackled with the promise of lightning. On they rode, these phantoms in red, their white hair lifted by the speed of their passage, and the dark mass of the barbarian host gave way before them. So pale they were, their faces frozen to a heartless immobility, that Kivik nearly mistook them for the ghosts of dead witch-lords come back to claim their own. One of the specters lifted a withered hand, and a spiderweb of purple lightning flashed across the sky. The concussion that followed shook the wall under Kivik’s feet, knocking him over; others, not so lucky, were thrown from the ramparts.

Yet she had never been one to give way or to ask for protection, and she was not about to do so now. ” As if in answer, she heard the crash of a ram, followed by wild horns blowing. A volley of rocks overshot the walls and landed not far from the tents, striking sparks off the marble pavement. A ll this time, the gates had continued to hold, though one side hung slightly askew on twisted hinges. A party led by one of Kivik’s captains began to build a barrier of carts and wagons just inside, an added precaution should the gates finally fail.

In the infirmary casualties came in so quickly that before long there was no place to put them. At Thyra’s suggestion half of the healers moved to an outer courtyard, where they set up tents and cots just inside the second gate. It was there that Winloki spent the next several hours, digging out arrowheads, slapping on poultices made of cobweb, and binding up shattered limbs. “You ought to take care, Princess,” Syvi admonished her as they worked side by side trying to keep the most desperate cases alive.

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