Advances in Chemistry Research, Volume 8 by James C. Taylor

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On Figure 5 the spectrum 5 received at dissolution of a colorless rodamineа B film with a spectrum 4 in water [17] is resulted. Apparently, in water there is a sharp growth of a visible band and decrease in UV-bands. Similar inversion of the specified bands takes place and in a heptane solutions case, and it can be carried out in two various ways. We will underline, that in itself heptane solutions, being in glass ampoules, remain colorless long time (~ 4 months). At the same time it is enough to place a filtering paper band as its surface becomes covered by a layer of dye of raspberry-red color in such solution.

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1955. 29. №8. 1445. // J. Physical Chemistry (russian). 1955. 29. №7. 1304. Vartanian AT. // Izvestya USSR AS, physical (russian). 1954. V. 18. №4. P. 731. In: Advances in Chemistry Research. Volume 8 Editor: James C. Taylor ISBN 978-1-61209-089-4 ©2011 Nova Science Publishers, Inc. Chapter 2 THERMAL BHAVIOUR AND ENTHALPY RELAXATION IN AROMATIC POLYCARBONATE AND SYNDIOTACTIC POLY(METHYL-METHACRYLATE) Maurizio Penco*,1, Stefania Della Sciucca1, Gloria Spagnoli1 and Luca Di Landro2 1 Dipartimento di Chimica e Fisica per l’Ingegneria e i Materiali, University of Brescia Italy 2 Dipartimento di Aeronautica, Politecnico di Milano, Italy 1.

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