Alms for Jihad: Charity and Terrorism in the Islamic World by J. Millard Burr, Robert O. Collins

By J. Millard Burr, Robert O. Collins

Giving to charity is incumbent upon each Muslim. all through heritage, Muslims have donated to the terrible and to charitable endowments arrange for the needs of marketing Islam in the course of the building of mosques, colleges, and hospitals. lately, there was a dramatic proliferation of Islamic charities, lots of which have been created within the declining many years of the twentieth century by means of the infusion of oil funds into the Muslim global. whereas every one of these are valid, there's now huge and being concerned facts to teach that others have extra questionable intentions, and that money from such agencies were diverted to help terrorist teams, akin to al-Qaeda. The authors of this e-book study the rivalry via a close research of the charities concerned, their monetary intermediaries, and the terrorist enterprises themselves. What they detect is that cash from those charities has funded conflicts the world over, from the early days in Afghanistan whilst the mujahideen (Muslim Warriors) fought the Soviets, to next terrorist actions in imperative Asia, Southeast Asia, Africa, Palestine, and, such a lot lately, in Europe and the U.S.. This ground-breaking e-book is the 1st to piece jointly, from an enormous array of resources, the key and complicated monetary structures that help terror.

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Yet, in that 9/11 is an event that Ahmed has called “‘full’ of affect” (95), speechlessness and grief alone fail to tell the whole story, and Adorno would perhaps agree, at least if his eventual retraction of his oft-cited remark1 serves as any indicator. Speechlessness and grief juxtapose staunchly with indecorous celebrations of 9/11—celebrations that go against the grain of the dominant and decorous narrative. Historically, these celebrations might be exemplified by an official Iraqi statement that “the American cowboys [were] reaping the fruit of their crimes against humanity” and the CNN-captured group of Palestinians celebrating the attacks in an East Jerusalem street (“Attacks Draw Mixed Response in Mid-East”).

Giroux refers to the status quo that resulted from this process as our zombie politics, a system in which critical thought is actively deterred, militaristic jingoism is normalized, and the face of the Other presents a constant threat to one’s way of life (44). Most significantly, the discourses of contamination and immunization force everyone to accept and reproduce the rhetoric or risk being infected and transformed into an unpatriotic danger. Slavoj Žižek explains that the post-9/11 environment has effectively divided people into two categories: “full citizen[s] and homo Sacer[s]” who have been robbed of political agency (91)—or human and not fully human Others of the sort that Giorgio Agamben theorizes in Homo Sacer: Sovereign Power and Bare Life.

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