Amino Acids, Peptides and Proteins Vol. 37 by Etelka Farkas, Maxim Ryadnov, Jonathan Heddle, Ferenc

By Etelka Farkas, Maxim Ryadnov, Jonathan Heddle, Ferenc Hudecz, Shuguang Zhang, Luc Brunsveld, Jason Crain

Written for researchers, teachers and execs, those papers characterize an vital reference resource at the most modern traits and findings within the box of proteins, amino acids and peptides. content material: Preface; Amino acid and petide bioconjugates; Self-assembling peptide fabrics; steel complexes of amino acids and peptides; version structures for folding and teriary contacts in peptides: A standpoint from the actual sciences; Protein nanotubes, channels and cages; Prescriptive peptide layout; focusing on alpha-helix established protein interactions - nuclear receptors as a case examine summary: Written for researchers, lecturers and execs, those papers signify an critical reference resource at the most up-to-date developments and findings within the box of proteins, amino acids and peptides

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