Analysis of Subsynchronous Resonance in Power Systems by K.R. Padiyar

By K.R. Padiyar

4. 2 research of induction generator impact: frequency scanning procedure eighty three four. three research of torsional interaction(TI) 87 four. four nation equations and eigenvalue research ninety six four. five An set of rules for computing torsional modes 108 four. 6 Countermeasures for SSR III four. 7 Torsional oscillations in parallel hooked up turbine turbines one hundred twenty 121 five. INTERACTIONS WITH strength procedure STABILIZER five. 1 advent 121 five. 2 uncomplicated thought within the program of PSS 122 five. three layout of PSS 126 five. four Torsional interplay with PSS one hundred thirty five. five A case learn 132 6. INTERACTIONS WITH HVDC CONVERTER keep an eye on 137 6. 1 creation 137 6. 2 HVDC converters and keep watch over 138 6. three Modelling of HVDC procedure for learn of torsional interactions 147 6. four research of torsional interactions -A simplified technique 153 6. five A case examine 156 6. 6 A simplified damping torque research 161 6. 7 regulate of torsional interplay 167 7. INTERACTIONS WITH SHUNT COMPENSATORS 169 7. 1 creation 169 7. 2 Static Var Compensator 171 7 . three Torsional Interactions with SVC 186 7. four Static Condenser(STATCON) 189 7. five Torsional interactions with STATCON 196 7. 6 A simplified research of torsional interplay with voltage controller 2 hundred eight. INTERACTIONS WITH sequence COMPENSATORS 205 eight. 1 creation 205 eight. 2 Thyristor managed sequence Compensator 206 eight. three Modelling of TCSC for SSR reports 216 eight. four Mitigation of SSR with TCSC 223 eight. five Static Synchronous sequence Compensator (SSSC) 229 8.

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11 ) , T~ = - ~ is the electrical torque of the equivalent two pole machine, W' is the co-energy expressed as W' = ~ [ it i~ 1 [L.. ( fr)2 is the equivalent damping coefficient The above equation represents the transformation of 'P' pole machine to a 2 pole machine. The mechanical torque is reduced by a factor of The inertia ft. and damping are reduced by factor of (fo)2. However, since all the equations are expressed in per unit (to be introduced later) there is no loss of generality in assuming that the machine has two poles (as stated earlier).

K = [Vd Vq ] Y; = lid iq ] U: The nonzero elements of [Ae], [Bed, [Bd and [C e] are defined below. Remarks 1. The matrix [Ae] has constant elements (ignoring saturation) except for elements Ae{l, 2) -A e{2, 1) -w. If the generator rotor speed w is held = = MODELLING OF TURBINE GENERATOR 41 constant at wo, then [Ae] is a constant matrix independent of the operating point. 2. 92) 'ljJq = ,. Xql q + (x q - x~) Xq 'ljJg = ,. 95) q 3. Magnetic saturation affects all the parameters of the machine. However it can be assumed that Xd and Xq are affected most.

The per unit impedances on the machine base lie in a narrow range for a class of machines of similar design. 3. The number of parameters required is minimized. It is to be noted that the base quantities for the stator and rotor circuits can be independently chosen with certain restrictions which result in per unit mutual reactances being reciprocal. If power invariant Park's transformation is used, the constraints imply selecting the same base power for all the circuits. a _ Rated line to neutral voltage Base impedance, ZB ~ Rated line current Base flux linkages, 1/;B WB Base inductance LB ~ = ~ WB is the base angular frequency in radians/sec.

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