Anglo-America and its Discontents: Civilizational Identities by Peter J. Katzenstein

By Peter J. Katzenstein

Anglo-America is a truly identifiable a part of what's as a rule often called the West. The West exists, this ebook argues, within the kind of a number of traditions that experience forex in the United States, Europe, the Americas, and some outposts within the Southern hemisphere.

Led by way of the British Empire till the start and through the U.S. because the center of the 20 th century, Anglo-America has been on the very centre of worldwide politics. Bridging the ecu and the yankee West, Anglo-America is special, now not particular. those a number of Wests coexist with one another and with different civilizations, as elements of 1 international civilization containing a number of modernities. and prefer all different civilizations, Anglo-America is marked by means of a number of traditions and inner pluralism. as soon as deeply held notions and practices of imperial rule and racial hierarchy now take the shape of hegemony or multilateralism and politically contested types of multiculturalism. At its center Anglo-America is fluid, no longer fastened. The analytical views of this ebook are specified by Katzenstein’s establishing and concluding chapters. they're explored in seven notable case reports, written by means of widely recognized authors, which mix ancient and modern views.

Featuring a superb line-up and representing a range of theoretical perspectives inside one integrative viewpoint, this paintings could be of curiosity to all students and scholars of diplomacy, sociology and political technological know-how.

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G. R. ”21 A Greater British state was now realizable. Technoutopianism underpinned arguments about the existence of a transplanetary British political community. “When we have accustomed ourselves to contemplate the whole [colonial] Empire together and call it England,” Seeley proclaimed, “we shall see that here too is a United States. ”22 Previously viewed as immutable, nature was now open to manipulation, even transcendence. 23 The argument assumed two main forms. One insisted that the social ontological foundation of the people was race.

In doing so they offer vivid illustrations of a pluralism that characterizes both Anglo-America and a global civilization of multiple modernities that pose vexing questions for both. This predicament is illustrated most clearly in the inner core of Anglo-America. Internal divisions in the USA also affect its terms of international engagement. 92 A near universal repudiation of white supremacist attitudes has given way to a polarized, partisan politics. Political divisions run very deep and cover a remarkably broad spectrum of policy issues.

But the strategic culture typifying them creates also a political language of sentimentality that at times can counter interests when they point away rather than toward AngloAmerica. The notion of specialness is important because political constructions of cultural similarity, a strong sense of shared history, and emotional identification are important for legitimation – which the utilitarian calculus of Realpolitik, pragmatism, and the personal chemistry between individual leaders often fail to provide.

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