Antineoplastic Agents by Stanley T. Crooke and Archie W. Prestayko (Eds.)

By Stanley T. Crooke and Archie W. Prestayko (Eds.)

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4 (Lown, 1979). However, the importance of DNA degradation relative to alkylation and crosslinking in the mechanism of action of mitomycin C remains to be determined. , 1961). , 1970). Other effects such as inhibition of RNA synthesis have been shown to require much higher concentrations of mitomycin C. , 1970).

2 I 1 4 I I 6 I ■ 8 I I ~ I IO 12 DAYS * I 14 I > 16 I I 18 I I 20 I I 22 I * 24 Leucocyte count after cyclophosphamide therapy. discomfort even with high doses. It is important to remember that the onset of nausea and vomiting is usually delayed for several hours and may not be seen until 8 hr after the dose of drug. Cyclophosphamide is unusual among the alkylating agents in that it produces alopecia, a distressing side effect to many patients. Some degree of hair fragility and loss occurs at modest doses, and at high doses, especially in combination with other agents, almost complete alopecia may occur.

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