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Xll Russell's released works comprise greater than sixty books, a number of unpublished manuscripts, many hundreds and hundreds of articles, dozens of radio and television interviews and movies, overlaying a large spectrum of data. His writings embody discussions and research of such various issues as social sciences, foundations of arithmetic, philosophy of physics, philosophy as a rule, faith, ethical sciences, schooling, pacifism, normal sciences (including biology and physics), linguistics, facts, likelihood, eco­ nomic conception, background, politics, overseas affairs and different subject matters. He corresponded with a wide and numerous crew of co-workers together with either favourite and vague figures in politics, the humanities, humanities and scienc­ es. Russell's verbal exchange together with his colleagues started within the past due 9­ teenth century and used to be specifically lively via a lot of the 20 th century. even with being probably the most debatable public personali­ ties of his day (let us now not disregard that he went to legal two times, used to be dis­ neglected from Cambridge collage and used to be avoided from instructing on the university of the town of latest York), his benefits were famous and liked. He used to be offered many medals, diplomas and honors, together with the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1950.

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And, therefore, that two incomparable powers must both be greater than any aleph. 9 The careful examination of these two passages shows that both scholars refer to the 'paradoxes' (antinomies, according to Bunn) in the plural, implying that Cantor came upon not just one inconsistency, but 1. Dou 1970a, 65; van Heijenoort 1967b, 113. 2. Cantor 1932a, 443-447. 3. van Heijenoort 1967b, 113-117. 4. Grattan-Guinness 1974b, 126-128. 5. Paukert 1989a, 56. 6. Dauben 1979a, 192; Fraenkel 1967a, 21; Zlot 1957a, 100.

For example, the set {I, 2, 3} might be simply ordered following its natural order of precedence under the law defined by the relation "-<", and one might find another order by using the relation ">-" and listing the set as {3, 2, I}. , M). One gets this ordinal type by abstracting the nature of the elements of a set and by retaining the order of precedence among them. So, once again, as in the case of the cardinal numbers, this ordinal type is a simply ordered set composed of units which retain the same order of precedence as the original elements in the set M.

The problems relating to psychologism have even more serious implications when one realizes that Cantor's fundamental concept of 'cardinal number' or 'power of a set' requires not only one, but two processes of abstraction. Let assume for the moment that one ignores Cantor's definitions, and takes, for example, the set A = {a pen, a pencil, a piece of chalk}. Let one abstract first the nature of the elements and then their order. Did one obtain its 'cardinal number' "3", or ... something else? It is possible to understand now, following Frege's conception of the nature of arithmetical propositions, why he objected to some of Cantor's definitions.

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