Betrayal (Bestseller Romance) by Charlotte Lamb

By Charlotte Lamb

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When it did she was dizzy with pleasure, her arms went round his neck, her hands clenched in the thick black hair, her mind clouding with a desire which made her bones melt. Once or twice he had lightly brushed his lips against her hand, along her cheek, but they had been casual caresses, given with laughter. This was very different. It was what she had wanted while they were dancing, she had known what was on Muir's mind as his muscled thigh touched her, the hard-angled cheek brushed her hair.

It had seemed such fun at the start, Cathy had enjoyed it enormously, but now she wished she had never come. ' She heard the smile in his voice and kept her head bent, not daring to look up because of what her eyes might tell him. 'Muir ' she began, then paused, unable to say what she knew she had to say. Her mind broke into little pieces every time she tried to explain to him, she was a coward, she just couldn't face it. ‘I know,' he said, a deep rough note coming into his voice, but he didn't know, he had no idea, and it was not going to be easy to tell him.

Hallo, Jennie,' Cathy said, and the other girl looked at her curiously, her enormous dark brown eyes opened very wide. Jennie was myopic but would not wear her glasses except when she was actually working, so that she tended to peer at you uncertainly until she was up close enough to be sure it was you. She was not unlikely to walk straight into desks, either, or to be seen earnestly apologising to a coat rack. Cathy had saved her from imminent death on a number of occasions, dragging her back from under the wheels of cars by her sleeve.

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