Biology and ecology of anguillid eels by Takaomi Arai

By Takaomi Arai

Anguillid eels have involved biologists for hundreds of years because of their amazing long-distance migrations among freshwater habitats and their spawning parts some distance out within the ocean. This booklet presents a protracted late replace at the biology and ecology of anguillid eels and lines accomplished insurance of the most important positive factors of the genus Anguilla. It covers a wide spectrum of subject matters at the biology (taxonomy, phylogeny, evolution, replica, feeding, salinity variation) and ecology (life heritage, recruitment, migration) of anguillid eels. It additionally brings jointly vital details at the country of eel fisheries, conservation, exploitation, and management.

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Two later transcriptomic studies have focused on the effects of pollution on the European eel. Pujolar et al. (2012) first updated the European eel transcriptome available at that time and also developed a microarray specific for eels consisting of 15,000 annotated genes. Then, the array was applied to detect differentially expressed genes between polluted sites in Italy. As expected, the genes related to detoxification were upregulated in the polluted sites relative to the clean sites, including CYP3A, which takes part in phase I of the xenobiotic metabolism and glutathione-5-transferase that takes part in phase II, or glutathione peroxidase that is involved in oxidative stress.

Rostrata A. dieffenbachii A. australis australis A. australis schmidtii A. japonica A. reinhardtii A. celebesensis A. megastoma A. marmorata A. nebulosa labiata A. nebulosa nebulosa A. interioris A. obscura A. bicolor bicolor A. bicolor pacifica Fig. 2. contd.... Overview and Current Trends in Studies on the Evolution and Phylogeny of Anguilla 27 Fig. 2. contd.... c iata is ior ter gi n i an A. hu . ta A ora rm a m A. a om ast s eg nsi m bse A. ii e l rdt ce ha n A. i re Third A. ica radiation on jap A.

Concordant evolutionary patterns among Indo-West Pacific Butterfly fishes. Proc. R. Soc. Lond. B 260: 229–236. , J. G. Inoue, M. Miya, M. Nishida and K. Tsukamoto. 2005. Molecular phylogeny and evolution of the freshwater eels genus Anguilla based on the whole mitochondrial genome sequences. Mol. Phylogenet. Evol. 34: 134–146. M. F. P. A. Ludsin. 2003. Patterns and processes in reef fish diversity. Nature 421: 933–936. S. 2006. Fishes of the World. John Wiley and Sons, New York. , K. Amaoka and T.

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