Brain Dynamics: Synchronization and Activity Patterns in by Hermann Haken

By Hermann Haken

This e-book addresses a wide number of versions in mathematical and computational neuroscience. it really is written for the specialists in addition to for graduate scholars wishing to go into this interesting box of analysis. the writer reports the behaviour of enormous neural networks composed of many neurons coupled by way of spike trains. An research of part locking through sinusoidal couplings resulting in different types of circulation coordination is incorporated.

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On the other hand, each half of the brain receives information from both eyes. This actually serves stereovision, because in this way each half of the brain is able to process the images that stem from both eyes jointly. It should be noted that the spatial order is conserved in the whole visual system; that is to say that nerve fibers that deliver information from neighbouring regions of their retina always remain neighbours. The local scales of these topological maps are not conserved, however.

2 Global Functional Studies. Location of Activity Centers There are a number of methods that allow us to study experimentally in which regions of the brain specific mental tasks are performed. These methods rest on the assumption that during increased mental activity, the blood flow in the active region is increased. Clearly, the time constants are rather large and lie in regions above seconds. This is a region that we are not interested in in our later models, so we mention the corresponding methods only briefly.

Under each of the three stimulation conditions, the autocorrelations show a periodic modulation indicating that the local responses are oscillatory. However, when the two stimuli move in opposite directions, where they are perceived as two independent contours, the cross correlation function is flat implying that the respective oscillatory responses have no consistent phase relation. When the two stimuli move in the same direction, where they are perceived as related, the cross correlogram shows a periodic modulation indicating that the respective oscillatory responses are in phase.

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