Brain Receptor Methodologies. Part A: General Methods and by Paul J. Marangos

By Paul J. Marangos

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This method has the following advantages: 1. It fits the exact model for equilibrium binding of hormone to receptor. 2. Each curve and each data point are given appropriate weight in the analysis. 3. ΚΌ and Bmax are estimated along with the Kx from appropriate data, eliminating the need to arbitrarily assume ΚΌ before Kx can be estimated. 4. With computerized curve fitting, it is possible to estimate the precision of the parameters along with their actual value, taking into account the precision of the original experimental measurements.

The radioiodinated CCK-8 derivative was prepared at a specific activity of 2000 Ci/mmol (Praissman et al, 1982). 1251 III. PURIFICATION AND STORAGE OF RADIOLIGANDS Purification of radioligands generally is a straightforward task. For radioligands of high specific activity a chromatographic purification is usually the method of choice, since rarely does one have sufficient mass for crystallization or distillation. Thin layer, paper, and high performance liquid chromatography are all routinely used.

Recept. Res. 3 , 2 4 9 - 2 5 9 . Munson, P. J. (1983b), LIGAND: A computerized analysis of ligand binding data, in "Methods in Enzymology" (J. J. Langone and H. ) 92, pp. 5 4 3 - 5 7 6 . Academic Press, New York. Munson, P. , and Rodbard, D. (1979). Endocrinology 105, 1 3 7 7 - 1 3 8 1 . Munson, P. , and Rodbard, D. (1980). Anal. Biochem. 107, 2 2 0 - 2 3 9 . Munson, P. , and Rodbard, D. (1983). Science 220, 9 7 9 - 9 8 1 . Munson, P. , and Rodbard, D. (1984). Computerized analysis of ligand binding data: Basic principles and recent developments, in "Computers and Endocrinology" (D.

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