Chemistry. Foundations and Applications. A-C by J. J. Lagowski

By J. J. Lagowski

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A radical is a species that has an unpaired electron and is very reactive because it seeks the source of electrons. This radical will attach the ethylene mer (the double bond in ethylene is rich in electrons) to start a chain reaction that continues until very large polymer molecules form. This and other forms of polymerization processes are the basis for the formulation of polymers. This process is known as curing when dealing with adhesives. electronegative: capable of attracting electrons nonpolar: molecule, or portion of a molecule, that does not have a permanent, electric dipole 18 Two criteria must be met in order for a molecule to possess a permanent net dipole moment: (1) an unequal sharing of electrons within the molecule such that one or more intramolecular bonds has a partial positive end and a partial negative end, and (2) a geometry such that the vector sum of the individual dipole moments does not equal zero.

Since the 1980s aspirin has been prescribed for the prevention of heart attack and stroke. Recent studies suggest that aspirin may guard against colon cancer. 5) that can be absorbed across the mucosal lining of the stomach. However, most of the drug is absorbed from the upper regions of the small intestine. Once the drug has entered the bloodstream it is hydrolyzed to acetic acid and salicylic acid (see Figure 2). The most widely recognized mode of action of the salicylates is the inhibition of the formation of prostaglandins.

6; term coined by R. A. Smith during the 1870s Cyanoacrylates are not appropriate for the bonding of the steel parts of an automobile, because of the environments that the car will be exposed to. Those environments include such things as rain, variations in temperature, exposure to solvents (such as gasoline, oil, and windshield washer solution), ozone, acid rain, salt spray, and ultraviolet light from the Sun. ) Another example of a “special” adhesive would be the one used to attach a new rearview mirror in an automobile.

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