Commercial Winemaking : Processing and Controls by Richard P. Vine

By Richard P. Vine

The first actual winemaster could have been a cave guy who came upon the magic of fermentation by means of tasting the results of a few beaten grapes having been left inadvertently for a number of days. Wine will, actually, make itself. In least difficult phrases, yeast cells will gather at the outdoor of grape skins within the type of bloom and, while uncovered to the average sweetness contained in the fruit, fermentation of the sugar into carbon dioxide fuel and ethyl alcohol will begin. throughout the millenia that experience transpired because the cave guy, the cutting-edge has advanced into 5 typically approved different types of class. desk wines are typically dry (made with out considerable volume of fer­ mentable sugar last) or approximately so, and include lower than 14% alcohol through quantity. they are often white, purple or pink and are the results of uncompli­ cated approaches of fermentation, explanation, stabilization, getting older and bot­ tling. The time period desk wine indicates the use for which those wines are intended-at the desk with foodstuff. the overpowering majority of the wine produced on this planet is during this classification. desk wines variety from the imprecise and usual to the costliest classics recognized to guy.

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The expense of stainless steel tanks can be significantly reduced by purchasing good used vessels, particularly creamery storage types as pic- 50 COMMERCIAL WINEMAKING Stainless Steel Shell Outlet Cooling Jacket Jacket Inlet and Valve ~ ::! Wine Service Valve Must Service Valve Support Legs Scale: 1" FIG. 17. DESIGN SKETCH FOR A 4-TON RED MUST FERMENTER = 2' THE WINERY AND THE LABORATORY / FOR TANK NO. S-19 CAP'Y 1620 GALS. 5 GALS/INCH ~-----------' CONSTANT DIAMETER VERTICAL TANKS ~ FOR -------r HORIZONTAL AND IRREGULAR DIAMETER TANKS FIG.

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The device usually has a bin rinsing spray head mounted in a convenient and effective manner. Crusher-stemmer The first step in wine processing is the breaking or crushing of the grape skins, and the removal of the stems. Shredding or grinding the grapes is not necessary. In fact, this is not desired as the seeds will also be broken, which can release bitter oils and astringent tannins to the must (crushed, destemmed grapes). The gentle crushing of the skins facilitates the release of the pulp inside the grape berries.

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