Conceptual Relevance by Joseph Grünfeld

By Joseph Grünfeld

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P. 59. 27. M. " in Mind and Language, edited by S. Guttenplan, Oxford, Claredon 1975; Elements of Intuitionism, Oxford, Claredon 1977. 59 capacity to recognize, or come to know, the truth value of sentences. It is only because the possession of such an effective decision procedure for truth value is a practical capacity that it provides the needed link between the knowledge of sense and use. Trouble sets in, according to Dummett, when we inquire with what generality this account can be applied.

In this manner Einstein can speculate how the nature of light affects our image of physical reality. But by rejecting the hypothetical medium of ether he liberated physicists from the primitive analogy of light as something requiring support in space like a wave in water or sound in air. At the same time, Bohr and Heisenberg provide an illuminating example of the scientist's persistent need for some sort of visualizability. Heisenberg demonstrated the failure of our customary intuitions when reduced to subatomic dimensions, and the inability of ordinary experience to guide us in such cases.

P. 21. Ope 60 tice - it already concedes something to the realist 29 • It appears that the realist is unable to supply the appropriate recognitional capacity, and so, by Dummett's argument,~ cannot relate semantic knowledge to linguistic use 30 • The theory of sense consists in a recursive specification of truth conditions for sentences in the object language it represents: what it is a speaker knows in knowing the meaning of sentences. g. that "snow is white" if and only if snow is white - there is the further obligation reaching beyond pure description to supply an explanation of what possessing a language consists in; or else, it is claimed, no adequate mesh with use is achieved.

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